Birthday Discoveries– Semi-final

Soon we had left Martha Brae. Tired and worn out from the days activities. We were on the hunt for food. The hours before saw us having nothing but patties all Saturday and obviously no luck with the ackee and saltfish. We searched the buildings along the roadways diligently to find the word ‘restaurant’. Luckily […]

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Birthday Discoveries–cont’d

The journey continued… I must admit that we got lost a few times, but even the dead ends had somethings worth experiencing. The hillsides were garnished with escallion farmlands. Then it dawned on me,  St. Elizabeth was the first parish in Jamaica to have received electricity in 1893. We drove for a few miles, the laughs […]

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Birthday Discoveries- cont’d

The road continued through a little fisherman village, we were no longer in the belly of devastation. My stomach churned for ackee and saltfish with boiled bananas. We drove for more than 5 miles to try and find it. The sceneries were country like and peaceful, yet busy as people hustled to the market on […]

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My Blue in Blue Ridge

Sunday road trips with my little family is always worthwhile. We discover some of the most beautiful places. Whenever we came to a Y or T junction there has never been confusion as to where to turn. We just followed our hearts and it’s guaranteed to never disappoint. We came to a section of road […]

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Birthday Discoveries

This year, I became a year older and wiser. Some things became less important and my desire to discover untouched places was ignited… I wanted to go places I’ve never been and do things that I never did, and so it was. By 7 am July 28th we were well on our way. Cladded in […]

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